About Me

Activity 4 Paws - Dog Trainer Southampton

Hello, and Welcome to my page. My name is Edit Ratkai, founder of Activity4Paws.


Dogs have always played a big part in my life and my passion for dog training started when I was 9 years old and started to teach our family dog. Later, I broadened my knowledge with diplomas in Canine Behaviour Training , Animal Psychology, Dog grooming and a certificate in Animal Welfare and Behaviour but I think I have learnt and am still learning the most from my practical experience with dogs.

Rescue dogs are very close to my heart and I have a vast amount of experience working with them. All my dogs came from rescue places and we live an active life doing agility, tricks and a bit of everything which makes our relationship better. 

I believe the connection and relationship between a dog and their human counterpart can only be fully achieved when both individuals needs are satisfied. Dogs are often understimulated and they have to settle for merely fetching the ball for their daily exercise.

Currently my main interest is in dog agility and I mostly enjoy teaching the skills that  dogs and their handler need to play agility.