Clicks 'N' Tricks

​Pick any trick to teach your dog. Clicker training is one of the most effective ways of teaching the dog a new behaviour. It is challenging, exciting and can be addictive for both the dog and the human. It is almost like playing the "Yes or no" game with your canine.

Clicker training is good for puppies, adult dogs and despite the saying, even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Clicker training is suitable for every dog but especially beneficial for 

  • dogs with low confidence because it gives a successful experience at every click

  • keeps old dogs young by giving mental stimulation

  • can calm and develop the attention span of the hyperactive dog 

Why teach tricks:

  • Gives mental stimulation and work for working breeds

  • improves your understanding of how dogs learn

  • improves your relationship

  • the trick can be useful: putting clothes to the washing machine, fetching or picking up items.

  • Helps you engage with the dog

Group class

Tuesday 2 pm, £12 per class payable monthly in advance, max 3 dogs in the class

LETS Go Manor, Manor Equestrian Centre Old Salisbury Road Ower SO51 6ZJ

One to one session

is available in a mutually convenient time