Black Dog

One to One sessions for Behaviour Problems

One to one training sessions will accomodate you and your dog's individual needs. Are there things about your dog's behaviour you would like to change? Does your dog

bark inappropriately,

pull on the leash,

have housetraining issues,

forget you exist on walks,

jump up,

not have a reliable recall,

have a fear of people or dogs,

chase bikes or joggers,

destroy your belongings,

get frustrated when left alone?

I can design a complete training program based on the amount of time you are willing to spend on it daily and teach you effective games and exercises that you can play with your dog and helps transforming the bad behaviours into good ones. The program would take the dog's welfare and well-being into account.

If your schedule is particularly hectic I am able to assist you with teaching your dog the essential skills myself in order to give you both a head start when working as a team.

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