Puppy Training

Right from the start

It is important to start training your new puppy as soon as you bring him home. In a six weeks program, you can learn how to teach the essential life skills for your puppy by playing games and how to avoid common dog training mistakes. Puppies can learn quickly with the right method. Do it right from the beginning and don't give a chance for behaviour problems.


Puppy socialization and training class

The six weeks socialization class will give your puppy some new positive experiences.

Duration: 6 weeks

Dates: Wednesday, 11 am


LETS Go Manor
Manor Equestrian Centre
Old Salisbury Road
SO51 6AN

Puppy Portrait

One to one in-home puppy training

Suitable for less confident puppies or if you can't join the group class or if you would like to learn more.
The in-home one to one puppy training can cover the following lifeskills:

  • Puppy toilet training and common mistakes

  • Dealing with nipping and mouthing

  • Greet and meet dogs and people politely and how to stop jumping up

  • Walking on the leash nicely

  • Basic obedience: sit, stay, heel

  • Recall training: come when called

  • Impulse control around food and toy

  • How to prevent food and toy guarding

  • Learn games to play with rules

​​Training sessions for the puppy only is also available, but owner needs to learn how to maintain and cue the behaviours

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